Customers only need to provide 2D or 3D part drawings or specific part description for manufacturing.Our engineers will offer the most cost effective design to meet each requirement.We will always work closely with customers,be capable of smooth communication both in technique & English,share concerns for each detail and ensure the overall performance of final molds.
Our engineers are skilled in the latest design softwares of mould:

3D Modeling: Pro/ENGINEER , SolidWorks, Unigraphics

2D Drawing:Auto-CAD,E-drawing

CNC Programming:Master-CAM,Unigraphics

Mold Flow & Warp Analysis

All following international data format works OK for us:

2D: dwg,dxf,edrw ;

3D: step,Igs,X-T,prt,sldprt.

3D design
Mold drawing
Mold flow
Mould Design Process
Mould Design Process
Engineering Modification Process
Engineering Modification Process
Engineering Modification Process
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