Quality Assurance
Quality is always the top priority in South-China Mould. In order to pursue better quality and greater value in the business area, the best has been done to imporve our knowledge,procedures and service. SCM comply with ISO 9001and ISO 14000 system with QA authorized certificate.Quality is controlled strictly, problems prevention is also greatly emphasised in advance.
Only qualified suppliers can be our cooperators, for example, source mold base and mold steel from LKM,ASSAB,THYSSEN and DAIDO; hot runner system from YUDO,MOLD-MARSTER,HASCO,DME,HUSKY,etc.Besides, international standard component from LKM,DAIDO,HASCO and DME are also applied. What's more, compatible standard component are also employed to help customers cut the cost.
We assure the products’ quality and performance through detailed procedures stated strictly by our quality system as following:
  • FAI (First Article Inspection)
  • CPK (Process Capability Index)
  • Electrode / sample / mold inspection
  • Complete and traceable documentation
  • Machining process inspection
  • Steel materials from brand manufacturer with origin certificate
  • Tool trial & molding data record
  • Heat treating with certification;
  • Mold steel dimension control
Main Suppliers:
Technical & quality supports are available to our partners and customers to secure molds'running in good condition and provide guarantees regardless where we build.

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